Category C + E - HGV Training


Category C and E Training for Goods Vehicles

Are you looking to drive an articulated truck? Are you looking for opportunities to drive abroad? We can help. Category C and E training enables you to drive category C vehicles with a trailer over 750kg. To obtain the Category C and E licence, you must already have a Category C licence.

You can improve your earning potential and develop the knowledge and expertise needed to become a professional driver. Contact DH Jones Driver Training Ltd in Caldicot to book your training.

Category C and E (Arctic)

Category C and E (artic) is usually conducted over 5 days, with practical test on day 5. This allows for 3 hours of one-to-one training with the candidate each day. We will however, where possible, accommodate the candidate's individual need for training hours to be different or to fit around work or family commitments.

The training can be quite intense and requires high levels of concentration. We can also offer Saturday training.

HGV Driver Training

We offer our HGV Driver Training Services in Gwent and throughout South Wales.